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What I Do

My work portfolio comprises:

  1. Training of Trainers in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Cornell University NY;

  1. Delivery of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention direct to residential care home, schools, youth services and foster care agencies;

  1. External Supervision (both individual and group based) for social work and social care professionals;

  1. Mentoring / Coaching for managers and for social care personnel

  1. Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Informed Practice with foster parents and adoptive parents and children.

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (V7) Released 2020

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI 7) was originally developed within the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University (NY) it is now has international standing.

TCI is an organisation wide crisis prevention and intervention system that includes a training curriculum.

TCI emphasizes the role and person of the caregiver in creating memorable, teachable and healing moments with and for children.

TCI equips organisations and their caregivers to provide effective help through relationships to children and youth when they can appear not to want it.

TCI is available in three curricula;

· For residential and community youth services

· For schools

· For families

TCI aims to:

· Prevent crisis from occurring

· De-escalate a potential crisis

· Safely and therapeutically manage crisis situations

· Constructively handle stressful situations

· Support children to improve their ability to regulate their emotions.

Some clients during 2020 were;

FamilieBase in Dublin

Comeragh Wilderness Camps Wicklow

Ashdale Care

Rotherham Social Service (UK) Community Restorative Justice Ireland

Futurescapes – Ireland.

Ardmonagh Family and Community Services, Belfast.