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Attachment Parenting Skills for Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents

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Have you concerns about your reaction when you faced with challenging behaviour?

Is the challenge of trying to be the perfect parent getting you down?

Wondering should parenting be so difficult?


It is not uncommon for any parent to feel helpless in the face of challenging behaviour. It’s a hard thing to feel that your love and good intentions are being rejected. This is especially so when caring for other people’s children. It is never too late to build a secure attachment with a deeply troubled child.

At Attachment Matters we put relationships first – we use a relational approach that helps carers build relationships that heal.

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My name is Dr John Gibson (Johnnie).

I am a social worker with special training in helping carers build quality relationships with troubled children. I consultant and provide training on crisis intervention and challenging behavior to organisations throughout Ireland and further afield.

I am an Independent Social Worker registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. My registration number is NISCC 1101584

About me

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What can you do?

1. Complete the contact form and let me call you for a conversation.

2. Take action to find solutions to your situation.

3. More fully enjoy attachment parenting.





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When you remove the confusion and become a confident parent,you start building a strong, warm, and continuous relationship with your family.

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